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Heat Activated

Span-o-Bond Logo is a heat activated iron-on spandex fabric that bonds to most heat safe surfaces. Some of the features that make it unique are:

  • Remains elastic when bonded to stretchable materials
  • Completely smooth cut edges
  • Can be painted or written on
  • Washable in cold or warm water
  • Can be sewn with a standard machine
  • Usable in most laser and die cutters

Colors Available

With more to come!

Span-o-Bond Colors Image


We have three (3) sizes available

18in by 1 yard $14.95
18in by 1/2 yard $7.95
9in by 12in $2.95

Sample Uses
Yin Yang design Unicorn Design

Wearing T-Shirts is an American way of making a statement or showing off our personal likes. Unfortunately, the cost of having a custom made t-shirt can often put them out of our reach. By buying a plain garment and using Span-o-Bond Logo to imprint it can allow a person to rapidly and inexpensively make their statment.

Brown Corset Design Wonder Woman Design
On a Home Sewing Machine

One of the beauties of Span-o-Bond Logo is that it can be sewn on a regular home machine, using regular thread and needles. This feature allows for ironing Span-o-Bond Logo to a flat piece of material before sewing pieces together.

Close up Skirt Design Purple Tunic
Trims and Bindings

There is no longer a need to sew down or glue trims and edge bindings. Span-o-Bond Logo allows for a completely smooth, seam free application with none of the rough edges that must be hidden when using adhesive backed woven fabrics.

EVA Shield Design EVA Mask Design
EVA Foam

One of the great features of Span-o-Bond Logo is that it can be easily bonded to EVA foam. Because Span-o-Bond Logo keeps its stretch the foam can then be heat shaped. When used Span-o-Bond Logo can elimiate the need for paint or fillers. Because of EVA foams tendency to "Curl" and lose some volume when heated it does require some special treatments. Check our application requirements notice that is included with orders.

Mickey Design Princess Dress Design

Span-o-Bond Logo is not limited to use on fabrics. Any surface that is not heat sensitive for temperatures of 170 degrees Fahrenheit can be used with Span-o-Bond Logo. Note that the two photos show it being used on a wooden box and a paper invitation.

Painting Design Painting Design

Span-o-Bond Logo allows for the use of paints and markers. For regular Span-o-Bond Logo use a water base paint. For detail painting or staining use the vinyl coated Span-o-Bond Logo. If the item is to be washed make sure the paint used is a fabric paint. Felt markers may transfer to parchment when heat is applied. So make this detailing the last thing done to the image.

Tips, Problems and Cures

Always...always...always use parchment over and under items that Span-o-Bond Logo is being bonded to. The glue on Span-o-Bond Logo becomes liquid when heat is applied and it seeps throughout the fabric. This feature allows for a Span-o-Bond Logo accent to literally fuse into and become a part of the base fabric rather than just being... Continue reading our F.A.Q